Bellicon Weight Loss



Managing Pounds

Surveys suggest that at least 65% of North Americans are living well beyond their suggested body mass index.  The causes are simple:  They eat too much; and, they rarely exercise.  This creates the following quandary:  Since what the body takes in must be metabolized, it makes sense that the only means of controlling how much one weighs is to:

1. Eat less and 

2. Exercise more

If the solution to being overweight is so simple, why is the issue so challenging for so many.  In a nutshell, the majority of individuals who are overweight like eating food, and don’t have any intention or desire to skip out on caloric intake.  If this is the case, then there is only one reasonable way that most people can begin to shed those unwanted pounds:

The Bellicon Bounce

EXERCISE on the Bellicon mini-trampoline invigorates one’s circulatory system.  The Bellicon Bounce makes your heart-rate increase so fulfill your musculature’s increased need for oxygen.  Consequently, your muscles “metabolic rate” goes up.  To summarize, your body’s “oxygen factory” begins to work.  Incredibly, the Bellicon’s gentle, consistent up and down motion, is fundamentally effective in terms of weight loss–much more so than high-impact “power” exercise sessions.

Gentle, gradual exercise stimulation functions to release a unique enzyme within your musculature–this enzyme works to “crack open” fat cells, thereby transforming them into useful energy.  During an invigorating “power” exercise session, the fat —>energy transformation is prevented from taking place through the unnecessary accumulation of acidic cellular content–this build-up functions to STOP fat from burning off!  Essentially, for those concerned with losing weight, it is far better to leave those grueling, strenuous, and unenjoyable workouts behind.  These types of sessions only work to burn carbs, and actually help an individual RETAIN fat.

Exercise Should be Enjoyable

The Bellicon mini-trampoline is very enjoyable! This is the very reason why so many people find long-term weight loss possible through rebounding.  Because the Bellicon is so much fun, people who use it tend to stick with it.  Long-term weight loss is its own reward.

loose weight with training on a bellicon


Patience is Necessary!

While the Bellicon does not function in the same way as a “weight-loss pill”, it puts you squarely on the road to meeting your weight-loss goal.  Bouncing on the Bellicon moves your body up and down in a very pleasing manner. The Bellicon bounce is instinctive and simple due to our patented bungee-cord system.  It does 50% of the effort for you!  Consequently, exercising on the Bellicon is gentle on the musculature and bones.  Most people forget that building larger muscles and getting rid of excess weight are radically different projects.  Since working out on our mini-trampoline is so enjoyable, you can finally stop seeing exercise as a chore, and begin to actually anticipate and find joy in your fitness regiment.  With your Bellicon, exercise is consistent over the long-run, and, accordingly, more beneficial.  Simply put:  It’s so much fun, you will WANT to bounce every day.  Bellicon “fun-factor” keeps you coming back for more, day after day–and keeps you straight and steady towards your weight loss goal!

No Weight-Gain Spiral Here

The truth of the matter is obvious to most:  The more excess weight you have, the more difficult it is to get rid of it.  It is a cruel irony that those individuals who most need to get rid of weight are those same individuals for whom it is the most difficult.  Simply put:  The heavier a person is, the more difficult it is to move–especially when gravitational forces are pulling you down at every turn.  Fortunately, the Bellicon bounce provides the perfect solution to this problem!  With the Bellicon mini-trampoline, overweight individuals can easily get on the road to better health–regardless on one’s current weight.  This is really where Bellicon’s magic happens!  Only the Bellicon rebounder effectively and safely utilizes one’s excess weight to one’s advantage–using it to push the body down into the trampoline without much effort.  Essentially, the trampoline mat is doing half the work for you–bringing the body back up.  Result:  The body feels weightless and relaxed–because your own weight is doing the exercise for you!

Bouncing is enjoyable, because when overweight people use the Bellicon rebounder, they stop noticing their own weight.  Many people liken the feeling to floating in a pool of water–but less exerting and much more comfortable.  At the point where the body reaches the apex of the bounce cycle, it enters a momentary spot of weightlessness, and the body relaxes and forgets all about the weight and burden of all those excessive pounds.  Unlike most workouts, after a Bellicon exercise session, the individual feels enlivened, stronger, and happier.  Essentially, your body thanks you:  Bellicon’s gentle bounce has elevated your metabolism, and melted some fat cells away!  Bellicon’s “fun-factor” ensures that you do the most important thing:  Keep up with your weight loss schedule!  That few minutes of bouncing that you do every day adds up!

Keeping Active Reduces Hungerloose weight

A well-known professor, Dr. Richard Rost of Cologne has said that “People who work out in a gentle way are less likely to want a large meal afterwards.” Accordingly, the Bellicon’s gentle bounce can be seen to actually reduce the amount of food one desires to consume!

Bellicon’s Forward Momentum

Bouncing on the Bellicon for 30 minutes creates lasting health benefits that travel with you throughout the day.  Not only is your metabolism stimulated — in other words, fat keeps burning even post-workout — but there will also be a tendency towards increased activity and higher energy levels.  For example, because of the Bellicon’s metabolic benefits, even after an exercise session you will be more inclined to “take the stairs”, instead of the elevator–or go for a walk, or play with the kids.  Bellicon is all about finding happiness through physical activity.  This joy in movement and exercise functions to improve the quality of your life.

To summarize, if you want to have more fun in life, enjoy being physically active, and losing weight at the same time, then the Bellicon mini-trampoline is a perfect fit for you.