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Everybody Needs A Healthy Spine30% of Americans suffer from backpain

Did you know that almost thirty percent of North Americans and Europeans experience some measure of spinal pain?  Consequently, there exists a wide array of dubious “healthy” back products in the marketplace.  In Germany–home of the Bellicon–the “Healthy Back Campaign” (Aktion gesunder Rücken”) was established more than fifteen years ago in order to assist those with spinal issues evaluate the plethora of available products by helping them rate and qualify top-of-the-line offerings through a handy quality-oriented “seal of approval” system.

How best should something be developed and manufactured to create a product capable of maximizing the needs of a distressed back, and alleviate needless pain?  Such a question is incredibly complicated–and answers require immense research, money, time, and patience.  The “Healthy Back Campaign” (AGR) helps the health-conscience consumer get answers, and offers them a non-bias source of information–which they can use in order to make the best purchasing decisions.  The “Healthy Back Campaign” SEAL OF APPROVAL is awarded to only the highest-quality products available on the market, and is given based on the independent opinions of medical, scientific, and health field experts.

Well engineered and manufactured items can be excellent tools in the fight against back pain–not to mention any number of therapeutic motion-based conditions.  But since there are an incredible number of such tools available, it is often difficult to know what products will be the most helpful.  The AGR SEAL OF APPROVAL, developed through the combined effort of AGR and the “German Federal Association of Spinal Educational Institutions” functions as one of the best consumer guides available when evaluating the “ergonomic” value of merchandise intended for daily use–things like furniture, car seats, chesterfields, chairs, beds, boots, etc..

The Bellicon mini-trampoline is the only one of its kind in existence to receive the Healthy Back Campaign’s (AGR’s) quality SEAL OF APPROVAL.  The AGR finalized its decision based solid scientific evidence:  The “Bellicon Bounce”, due to its patented, highly-elastic bungee cord system, is not only incredibly effective, but is also gentle–naturally having a beneficial effect on the back musculature, spinal discs, and the spine itself.
Additional information:

bellicon uses Eco-Tex certified textiles No Toxic Chemicals/”Offgasing”

The Bellicon is manufactured using only the highest quality textiles/materials available.  It is an  environmentally-friendly product.  At Bellicon, much attention is given to the materials we decide upon using in our products, since there are a plethora of dubious materials out there (usually, far cheaper) that may, in fact, pose serious health concerns:  dangerous chemical residues, offgasing, etc..  All Bellicon coloured bungee sleeves are tested independently by a reputable institute, and are “Eco-Tex Standard” quality–and recognized by the Eco-Tex certification board as a product deserving of its “quality seal”.  All Eco-Tex Standard certified products win the right to affix unique labels indicating this environmentally-friendly achievement.  The Eco-Tex “Seal of Approval” helps healthy-minded people make informed and ethical choices when choosing to purchase textile-based products.  Their motto is simple:  “Confidence in textiles”.  With this motto, the international Eco-Tex network of independent institutes stands for health, safety, and ethical practice in the field of textile products–as they have since 1992.  To summarize, Bellicon mats and bungees, when subjected to a rigorously independent and scientific investigation process, pass all safety and toxicity tests, according to Eco-Tex Standard 100.

bellicon rebounder Made in GermanyGerman-Made – U.S. Assembled

Bellicon mini-trampolines are manufactured almost entirely in Germany.  Not only is the raw material for our mats are found domestically, but we also run our own sewing operations at German factories–giving people real, living-wage jobs.  Furthermore, Bellicon mini-trampolines are “pre-assembled”, using standards of the highest quality, at out own facility in Cologne.  From our Cologne offices, Bellicon products are then shipped overseas to the United States.  Here, they are inspected  for final assembly at our warehouse in Chicago, Illinois.  We are not shy about telling people that our products are of a high moral and physical quality.  Also, we are happy to do our part:  creating jobs with good wages, both in Germany and abroad.  To be sure, with Bellicon, you are bouncing both ethically and sustainably!

Go ahead:  Compare Bellicon’s textiles, engineering, certifications, environmental concern, and bounce quality to lower-priced rebounders sold by “discount” retailers.  We are confident that you will arrive at the same conclusion:  The Bellicon mini-trampoline, for so many reasons, is the best of its kind in the entire world!