Bellicon Healthy Back


backpainAn Enlivened Spine

A plethora of doctors and health experts think of the Bellicon as a superior exercise device to enliven the spine, take away disc pain, and make one’s back much more resistant to stress and day-to-day wear and tear.

Spinal Discomfort

Experiencing discomfort in your most essential bones and musculature is never good thing.  It is estimated that almost one-third of all North Americans have some sort of spinal discomfort. Relief is, surprisingly, not difficult:  Through the strengthening of one’s spinal discs, as well as the invigoration of one’s back musculature, much suffering will be muted, and life can become more joyous and relaxing.

Vertebral Discs

Components of the Spine:

Individual spinal discs fill up the space between one’s many back vertebrae.  Consequently, these discs naturally cope with a great deal of stress, including shocks (of up to several thousand pounds of force) and/or poor upper body posture. Over time, this stress can cause small indentations in the discs themselves.  These indentations can cause individual vertebrae to push into nerves along the spinal column.  This condition can become increasingly painful.

Surprisingly, spinal discs are almost entirely made up out of water.  In many ways, they look and feel like a hard sponge.  The only way to strengthen these discs is through the application of gentle pressure.  Only through this sort of slight pressure can the discs be nourished AND remain malleable.

Here’s where the Bellicon comes into play:  Through our patented, gentle bounce, training on our trampoline functions to softly squish and expand the back with every jump.  With the Bellicon bungee system, even strenuous (peak) rebounding exercise produces 50% less spinal stress than ordinary running.

Back MusclesMuscles Around The Spine

‘Joy, in part, comes from a strong back’.  This old saying, originating from German folklore, does not only allude to the aesthetic qualities of a strong body–it also calls attention to the importance of a solid, functional spinal muscle system.  Naturally, such an arrangement limits/stops back pain–simply due to the fact that body weight (via a strong musculature) will be evenly spread across the entire spinal area.  With a strong back, the muscles of the lumbar, for example, function as they should:  They bring joy by working to help individual discs and vertebrae symmetrically align.

The Bellicon bounce functions to soothe and tone the spinal musculature.  The consistent bouncing motion of one’s own body moving up and down on the highly-elastic Bellicon causes musculature cells to softly compress and expand–again and again.  This works to benefit the back in two ways:  First, the spinal musculature–similar to every other muscle in your body–becomes enlivened and activated through a well-functioning metabolism.  Second, the Bellicon bounce works very well as a massage mechanism for the entire body.  Sore, stressed muscles are nurtured and relieved through cyclical changes in gravitational pull.  This up and down motion, can work miracles on a suffering spinal pain patient.


Bellicon’s patented, highly elastic bounce is an excellent and efficient means of invigorating the spinal system–by supplying it with enough liquid to avoid disc indentations, as well as building core musculature to support balanced posture.  For those suffering, it is good to know that spinal bones can regain lost fluid, and regain, at least in part, some lost malleability.  Perhaps the most significant benefit of Bellicon’s bounce is the soft impact generated:  Gentle exercise without straining, and perhaps damaging, muscles.  Most individuals with back issues find that bouncing on a Bellicon helps them relax and relieve suffering.