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Gerda_252Bellicon:  Finding the Joy in Exercise and Healthy Living

We all know that the Bellicon mini-trampoline is great fun.  While it is a super means of overcoming the issues of sedentary living and finding happiness through active lifestyle, it can’t work health miracles alone.  Doctors and health experts all tell us that engaging a physically active lifestyle unlocks a myriad of health benefits.  But we can’t forget:  Ultimately, it’s up to the individual person whether or not he/she chooses to exercise regularly.  We all know that consistent, moderate physical activity is one of the keys to great health and well-being.  In other words, it isn’t about extremes–it’s not about either couch-sitting, on the one hand, or strenuous, limit-pushing physical exertion on the other.  Finally, there is another option–an alternative to the physical strain of hardcore sporting activities.  With the Bellicon rebounder, you get a minimal-impact exercise that still delivers excellent health results.

It is here where the Bellicon mini-trampoline really shines, for it allows you to be physically active, in a very enjoyable way, WITHOUT extreme exertion and fatigue.  For most, running and prepping for the big marathon is not realistic–and such a goal often functions to do more harm than good, both physically, but also psychologically.  For most, life is hard enough, and this type of thinking ends up draining individual joy and motivation.  Exercise is about moderation; it’s about feeling good and creating reserves of energy so that the stress of daily life becomes more manageable.  Happiness and health are intricately intertwined.  As the saying goes, “One’s heath isn’t everything, but all things, without one’s health, is nothing.”

To summarize, the Bellicon rebounder is not, by itself, a “magic health pill”; by itself, it is not a miracle-worker.  Essentially, it is the Bellicon, IN CONJUNCTION WITH your own sense of purpose and will, that will function as your best bet for achieving your optimum health goals:  increased vitality, more stamina, enhanced coping skills, and increased happiness with life.

Positivity and The Bellicon User

We have been selling the Bellicon mini-trampoline for only a short time, but one thing that keeps us motivated and driving forward is the incredible feedback from people who have succeeded in making the Bellicon bounce part of their unique, daily routine.  These people have found it within themselves to make a positive and lasting life change.  And they have been able to maintain the change over time.  For these customers, it’s not really about hunting down the next exercise fad, and is more about maintaining a physically-active lifestyle of the long-term.  We are very happy to hear how the Bellicon “fun-factor”  has led so many people to make positive changes in their lives.  It is clear that boring, strenuous exercise doesn’t work for people over the long haul.  Exercise needs to be fun in order to stick with it.

The Bellicon and Cardio on mini trampoline

For a moment, let’s think about what is required to maintain your heart and soul in a healthy and invigorated state.  Most experts agree:  sitting on the couch all day being physically inactive, probably isn’t part of the overall equation.  Of course, genuine physical exercise is necessary to enliven your body’s circulatory capacity and strengthen your heart.  Here’s where the Bellicon really shines:  Bouncing up and down on our mini-trampoline is a superior type of exercise, because it offers the individual an activity that stimulates blood movement without causing unwanted and excessive physical exertion.  Essentially, the Bellicon doesn’t make you tired:  It re-energizes!  The difference is simple:  Unlike high-impact activities, it is not possible to exert your body fully on the Bellicon.  This is the very reason why so many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists who have used the Bellicon frequently  suggest that their patients seek out our low-risk, low-impact cardio exercise.

Recently, a cardiology institution (in Dresden, Germany*) conducted a study comparing the workout results of elastic-based (not spring-based) mini trampolines to stationary bikes.  Just like the bicycle, the exercise intensity of the mini trampoline could be customized according to the patient’s unique situation.  Not surprisingly, the study found that the mini trampoline far surpassed the stationary bike, in terms of how effective it was at keeping patients exercising long-term, long after the study’s completion.  To put it differently, the level of voluntary “therapy motivation” for the rebounder exercise was very good–simply because the Bellicon, for example, is far less physically taxing and (therefore) more joyful and rewarding long-term.

* Herz-Kreislauf-Klinik Bad Gottleuba in Dresden