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See for yourself the Bellicon difference!

Bellicon is unsurpassed in terms of design, quality, and health benefit.

There is huge variety of “rebounders” being sold out there today.  Many promise to be the best and healthiest choice for the discerning consumer; however, only the Bellicon mini-trampoline truly lives up to the hype, and delivers what it promises.  When placed side by side with similar products, there is no doubt:  The Bellicon rebounder is unsurpassed in terms of design, quality, and overall health benefit.

Below you will find a detailed overview, explaining how the Bellicon triumphs hands down over its competitors.

No doubt:  There are countless “other” rebounders available on the market–made in places like China through exploited labour.  While there is no shortage of the “metal spring” variety rebounder out there, there is a marked difference between Bellicon’s highly-elastic patented bungee technology, and these “Made in China” units.  Essentially, the differences between the two are like day and night.

Perhaps most significantly is the Bellicon Bounce:  It is far gentler, quieter, and much more enjoyable than any rebounder with metal springs could ever hope to be.  Obviously, the fluidity of the Bellicon Bounce creates much less strain and impact on your musculature, bones, and joints.  This is not only better for your overall health, but it makes the Bellicon much more fun!  If exercise isn’t fun, you won’t be motivated to do it every day.  But the Bellicon patented bungee cord system does much more than this:  It also creates an extended period of deceleration as your body pushes into the trampoline mat.  This period of deceleration effectively smoothes the “bounce curve”, and allows the Bellicon to deliver increased workout efficiency.  Essentially, this means that the Bellicon does more work for you!  With the Bellicon, you get a more effective workout, while expending LESS energy.  Metal spring rebounders can’t get anywhere close to fulfilling this claim!

Each time an individual passes through the “bounce cycle”, the body’s musculature naturally tenses and relaxes.  Of course, this phenomenon also happens on steel-spring rebounders.  But this is where the Bellicon really shines, and works to differentiate itself from competing models:  Due to its unique suspension, the Bellicon’s “bounce cycle” is extended.  The “bounce cycle” on a metal-spring mini-trampoline is harsh and fast.  Because metal springs shorten the period of “deceleration”, the resulting exercise is not nearly as enjoyable, and may even be harmful for your joints, spine, and musculature over time.

Only with the Bellicon is the “bounce cycle” lengthened.  This allows the body’s muscle system to be exerted for a greater period of time, with far less exertion.  Decleration training (similar to the type astronauts use) is called “Eccentric Exercise”.  For these reasons, we are sure that you will find exercising on a Bellicon highly-elastic mini-trampoline the far superior experience.  To summarize:  Avoid metal springs!