The Bellicon Long-Term Advantage


Bellicon:  A Long-Term Love Affair!

People love the Bellicon Rebounder–even those individuals who aren’t particularly concerned about working out every single day!  The determining factor is simple:  Bouncing on the Bellicon is incredible fun, and doesn’t ever get dull!  Simply pop on some headphones, get on the Bellicon, and get start jumping!  It’s hard not to smile, and you’ll quickly see why:  Like a child jumping up and down on a bed, it’s enjoyable, addictive, and energizing–you will WANT to keep going!  Bellicon’s patented, smooth bouncing motion activates all the muscles in your body in a way that doesn’t tire you out.  Let our highly-elastic bungees do most of the work for you!  You’ll be motivated to keep coming back and exercising, again and again.  Even medical institutions have recognized the “staying power” of the Bellicon Bounce!  For example, the famous “Cardiovascular Clinic” of Bad Gottleuba (a well-known German spa town) has hailed the Bellicon’s natural ability to aid individual’s long-term committment to a variety of health therapies.

Many people have been hooked into temporary fads–buying exercise equipment that eventually ends up collecting dust in a closet, garage, or basement.  The enthusiasm fades and you’ve spent a lot of money to effectively get FARTHER away from your fitness goals.  The Bellicon, however, because it’s so fun and energizing, does the opposite–helping many people who have motivational concerns (or have bought expensive exercise equipment in the past that they aren’t using) finally attain their exercise potential.  Because the fun-factor of the Bellicon Bounce encourages long-term use, you can finally begin and achieve that new chapter of personal health and well-being.  The more you use the Bellicon mini-trampoline, the more exercise activities you will invent and discover.  It’s not just about bouncing.  There are any number of routines suitable for all types of workouts–from beginner to expert.  Can’t think of any new exercises?  Don’t worry!  Just come back to our website, and explore the many videos we have posted.  See how others in the Bellicon community use their rebounders.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

bellicon: best with music

Bounce to the Music!  It’s Even More Fun!

The Toronto Rebounder Store staff have heard it time and time again:  Adding a little music to the Bellicon experience sweetens the enjoyment level significantly!

Put on your favourite tune, and exercise (especially bouncing exercise) will become almost effortless.

Click on our live chat tab (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and one of our friendly Toronto Rebounder Store staff will gladly help you figure out the right tune for your particular type of workout:

  • Muscle Stretches
  • Warm-up Routine
  • Easy Motion
  • Cardiovascular
  • Running
  • Toning
  • Pilates/Yoga
  • Cool-Down Routine