The Bellicon Jog


jogging_242The Bellicon Jog

The Bellicon mini-trampoline offers users a wide array of exercise choices.  It certainly isn’t made just for simple bouncing!  When the weather gets snowy, wet, dark, and nasty, the Bellicon owner doesn’t have to put off going for a run–he/she can simply jog in the comfort of one’s own home, where it’s comfortable and the weather conditions aren’t an issue.  It is easy to replicate jogging using the Bellicon rebounder.  Essentially, the trampoline surface turns into your running area.  But there is much more to it than this:  It is like wearing the world’s best running shoes! The Bellicon’s highly-elastic bungee cord system provides a “shoe” so bouncy and soft, that it pushes your legs up, effectively doing half the work for you!

It quickly becomes evident that running on the Bellicon is a far superior exercise experience than using a treadmill.  To begin, you are not constrained by the treadmill’s electrical motor, and can quickly change pace to suit you needs–no need to fiddle with distracting buttons and expose yourself needlessly to EMFs.  For example, you can begin your exercise program slowly, increasingly your pace, switching between fast and slow motions, as often as desired.  Since your feet will naturally lift off the mat individually, pushing your knees higher (closer towards the body) will function to intensify the exercise session.  This is impossible on a regular treadmill, and is one of the distinct advantages of using the Bellicon.

Bellicon:  Doing the Work For You!

Jogging on the Bellicon is low-impact, far less exerting, and normally takes just 20 min. to complete an incredible exercise session.  If 20 min. is too much, of course, less time is fine too.  Perhaps your schedule only allows you to jog at various intervals throughout the day.  Do whatever suits you best.  However you choose to workout, Bellicon’s patented bungee-cord system will be doing half the work for you–minimizing impact, keeping your joints healthy and strong.  Make sure to keep your Bellicon “ready-to-go” so that you can exercise immediately, whenever you get the urge.  You can even go jogging on the Bellicon in front of the T.V..  Just try doing that outside on the cold concrete!  Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore; you don’t have to be counting seconds.  See how quickly a workout flies by when you are engrossed in a good program or movie!  Using the Bellicon, for example, one can exercise for thirty min. and barely realize that you have been getting a great workout!  Whether it’s thirty min. or 5 min., let Bellicon’s highly-elastic bungees take the load off.

Intensifying Your Workout view from the side- jog on trampoline

Try using small weights while bouncing on the Bellicon to further strengthen your shoulders, arms, and upper musculature.

And For Increased Enjoyment…

Try listening to music while bouncing on your Bellicon; just like regular jogging, music can help you get into the rhythm of your workout–and get into the “zone”.

Benefits of the Bellicon Jog

Running on the Bellicon is similar to regular bouncing–it is primarily a cardiovascular exercise; however, it is much more rigorous.  But unlike jogging outside, the Bellicon Jog is never completely exhausting.  Additionally, it’s not possible to “overdo”.  The Bellicon Jog also functions to train the upper body and strengthen the spinal musculature when using small weights.

But you don’t need to use weights!  Because of Bellicon’s gentle bounce, simply moving your arms in a small or large circular motion while jogging will provide similar benefit.  Combine dumbbells WITH circular arm motions to really step it up a notch!

Overall, Bellicon gives you many more options over and above regular jogging, especially when it comes to strengthening and enhancing your upper arms, shoulders, upper thighs, and spinal musculature.

Also, unlike regular jogging, the “Bellicon Jog” is a phenomenal exercise for the core muscles–because of the fact that the body has to continually adjust in order to balance.  This is a great added bonus of the Bellicon Jog!  For most people, twenty minutes is all the time it takes to get the body burning fat.