The Bellicon G-Force



Bounce into Orbit with a Bellicon Rebounder

Many people, at some point in their lives (usually in school) have jumped up and down on a trampoline.  They remember the sensation of weightlessness, generated by that moment where your body stops mid-air–the point where the body stops traveling upwards, and the force of gravity hasn’t quite caused your descent.  Like astronauts in space, this is a moment of weightlessness.   Not only does this moment feel great (and is a lot of fun to boot!) but it is extremely healthy for your cells and musculature–as your body is temporarily released from the hold of gravity.

As you achieve weightlessness, the body’s cells and muscles release an incredible amount of tension.  Once this state of relaxation is realized, your body remains relaxed until the bottom of your feet touch the mat.  As the Bellicon rebounder mat absorbs your fall, and gradually slows you down, the musculature gently reacts, incrementally tensing, strengthening, and adjusting to the gravitational pull–contracting as a means of keeping balance.  When the patented Bellicon bungee cord system stops your descent, the mat smoothly and softly pushes the body back up, where the gravitational forces again start to disappear.  Your muscles and cells consequently relax.  This magical cycle, flexing and strengthening every muscle in the body, occurs every second.  There is no other workout in existence that functions to capture the health benefits of “weightlessness” in quite the same way as the Bellicon rebounder.   This must be why N.A.S.A. endorses rebounding for its astronaut programs!

Weightlessness and the Bellicon “TOTAL BODY EXERCISE SYSTEM”

We have learned that switching frequently between gravitational forces and a state of weightlessness is fantastic form of exercise for the human body.  The Bellicon patented bungee cord system does what no other piece of exercise equipment can do–it can smoothly and gently work out EVERY SINGLE muscle and cell in the body using a minimal amount of effort.

To summarize, there are over six hundred muscles in the human body, and millions of cells–and the weightless TOTAL BODY BELLICON EXERCISE SYSTEM involves them all!