The Bellicon Bungee


Revolutionary New Technology for Rebounders:  Let Our Patented Hi-Tech Bungees Smooth Out Your Bounce!

Have you ever pondered for a moment why some animals can jump extraordinary lengths and heights?  Often times, it is due to a natural “elasticity” found in their muscles and tendons.  Essentially, their secret weapon is a strong “Achilles” tendon.   This tendon contracts and expands quickly and easily, helping them jump with incredible amounts of force while expending limited amounts of energy.  The magic of the Bellicon rebounder works the same way as the Achilles tendon:  Our patented, highly-flexible bungee cord system makes it possible to bounce up and down vigorously–all the while, using only 50% the energy usually required for such activity.  The advantage is simple:  You can easily receive the health benefits of bouncing:  the simple up and down motion–working every muscle in your body–without too much physical strain.  The Bellicon rebounder stands alone as the ONLY piece of exercise equipment ever created that can function in this way.  It is almost as if the Bellicon itself is doing the workout for you!

The real revolutionary aspect of our patented bungee cord system is that they work to effectively “smooth” the bounce, dramatically lowering impact resistance, making any workout easier on the joints and back.  Instead of feeling “compressed and stressed” while bouncing, Bellicon users experience a gentle softness–this, in itself, makes exercising much more fun!  And, if exercising is more fun, you will do it much more frequently!  In other words, Bellicon allows you to be comfortable while exercising.  With the Bellicon rebounder, you will be able to exercise every part of your body, while having fun and feeling relaxed.  No other activity can offer you this incredible balance!

Why make your life more difficult than it needs to be?  Go easy on your joints and back, have some fun, and get some great exercise to boot!  After a short amount of time bouncing on the Bellicon, you will NOT feel exhausted–as with most exercise equipment.  Because of our patented bungee technology, you will, rather, be filled with abundant life and energy.  Maximize your precious time and energy today, with the Bellicon rebounder!