The Bellicon Bounce


Bellicon Bounce:  The Original

It’s Always a Good Time!

Think about it for a moment:  Certainly, it is helpful and beneficial to have a physician or a personal trainer’s guidance in creating the details of your own, unique fitness program.

But, fact is, little kids demonstrate over and over just how simply it is to get exercising the Bellicon way.  You just have to hop on and gently bounce.  That’s it!  Place both your feet on the trampoline surface, let the arm muscles loosen, and HAVE FUN!

Who Needs Shoes?

Bellicon users quickly realize that bouncing on a mini-trampoline is most effective without shoes or socks.  Socks can be slippery, and shoes prevent the foot and ankle muscles from fully activating.  With shoes, these muscles are simply “along for the ride”.  Going barefoot takes more energy, and places increased physical demand on your body, when you first start exercising on the Bellicon.  But don’t fret–in a very short amount of time, your body will adapt, and the bouncing motion will become second nature.  If you try bouncing barefoot and experience strength and/or balance issues, you can always switch to shoes.  After all, bouncing with shoes is much better for your body than not bouncing at all!


Bellicon and Accessibility

Forgetting to exercise is not difficult.  Most people have extremely busy, active lifestyles–not to mention all the emotionally and psychological day-to-day stress.

Consequently, we tell our customers (if they have the available space) to leave their Bellicon in a highly-accessible, visible space.  If you can see it, and it’s set up, you will be much more likely to workout–and remember to exercise.

If the Bellicon is in a convenient space, you will have a natural reminder–encouraging you to take a break from the daily routine, and exercise.  And when you do remember to exercise, using the Bellicon (even if it’s just for a couple minutes) will leave you feeling energized and relaxed.


relaxed shoulders


Posture Relaxation

Most people don’t pay much attention to their shoulder muscles, especially when it comes to good posture.  Many pull the shoulders up, tensing them.  This tension is antithetical to good blood and lymph circulation, especially in the muscle tissues–causing neck pain and headaches.  When bouncing, remember to let your shoulders loosen. It will feel incredible!

heels into the trampoline mat

Pushing the Heels Down

While using the Bellicon, try pushing your heels down into the trampoline surface.  This motion activates your Achilles tendon through low-impact activity, helping improve balance.  Women find this exercise especially helpful, as it helps reverse many of the muscle issues associated with high heels.


bouncing with music is fun



Try Bouncing With A Beat!

While bouncing up and down on a Bellicon mini-trampoline is an enjoyable activity, many find that the experience is enhanced by bouncing along with their favourite music.  Any musical genre will work!  Just put on your best tune, and feel the time fly!

Bouncing with a little music functions to elevate one’s mood, and (consequently) can help improve one’s outlook o life.  Try using the Bellicon while watching your favourite film, or T.V. show for a similar experience!




exercise hand bars





Stability Bars:  Additional Safety and More!

For some, maintaining balance is an issue.  For others, the legs aren’t strong enough by themselves to fully support the body.  For these individuals, it’s a great idea to be able to hold onto something — especially when just beginning/learning how to bounce.  A simple means available to provide increased stability is by positioning the Bellicon close to a wall–using the wall itself as an additional support.  A better way is to hook up one (or two) of our stability bars.  These bars can be easily attached to the legs of your Bellicon, providing many the confidence and peace of mind necessary to exercise, and get the lymphatic system moving.  Additionally, many people (without stability or strength concerns) purchase the bars simply to enhance workout possibilities!  The sky’s the limit!



bellicon communityThe Bellicon Community

Thousands of individuals are already using Bellicon trampolines, including many fitness gurus, doctors, and health experts.  On their own initiative, many of these people have produced helpful videos, and have uploaded them to the web.  Try searching YouTube directly using “Bellicon”. You might be surprised what you will find!  Try finding The Toronto Rebounder Store soon through Facebook and Twitter, get instant event and product updates, and share your experiences with other Bellicon users!
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bellicon experts


Expert Opinions

The Bellicon takes the complication out of exercising.  But even though it’s so easy to use, there are times when you could want an expert opinion concerning health, fitness, or the Bellicon itself.  Fortunately, we have a variety of knowledgeable and friendly experts who are ready to help!  Just click our free online chat service (located–via the blue tab–in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) to speak with one of our staff right away, or email us:  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Read the Instructions!

It’s easy to get a good workout on your Bellicon mini-trampoline!  But, even with Bellicon’s ease of use, it’s still important to read and follow the instructions.  Not only will you be safer and better equipped to care for your Bellicon, but you will also learn how to get the most out of every workout!