Terms and Conditions


Guarantee / Warnings

Whichever type of Bellicon Rebounder you have chosen for purchase we will refer to it hereinafter as “Rebounder”,
We herewith notify users that there are no implied warranties, and none are to be assumed to exist for damage, injury, or death resulting from use or in any other relation to the Rebounder. We herewith also notify the customer that by accepting possession of the Rebounder they will accept full responsibility for any loss or injury arising from, or in conjunction with, the Rebounder. Possession of a Rebounder will only be conveyed to individuals, businesses, or organizations who will accept these responsibilities. All others who are not willing to take on such responsibility need not apply for purchase or use of a Rebounder. Users, their heirs and assigns, are hereby permanently and forever discharging The Toronto Rebounder Store from any and all liability whatsoever.

These warranty/guarantee requirements and warnings are courtesy of the legal profession, which has forced small and large manufacturers and providers of services to their knees, or out of business altogether. This document is intended to render lawsuits virtually impotent. Absence of perfection in human beings is no accident, it is guaranteed, because we human beings lack perfection by the very laws of nature, and could, by all reason, not be held responsible for such lack of perfection in anything we do or make. Therefore, liability insurance is nonsense, and we carry none.

If any of the above subject matter is ruled to be illegal in any court of law, in which the validity of this document may be contested, any resulting partial invalidation of this document shall not invalidate the remainder of the rights, duties, and stipulations contained herein. Notwithstanding the above, in the event that any person who brings any type of legal action against The Toronto Rebounder Store, this action shall be brought to the Government of Ontario, and any such action shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. This shall include any claim of product defect(s) or liability due to design or manufacturing imperfections.