The Bellicon Rebounder


The Bellicon® is a superb exercise device.  It enables a whole-body workout that won’t wear you out.  The patented suspension system, featuring highly elastic bungee cords, trains all of the muscles in your body, helps joints and spinal discs, and stimulates your circulation.  The Bellicon is a unique combination of fun and real training results.

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Own the World’s Best Rebounder!

The Bellicon mini-trampoline is an incredible product.  It gives you the opportunity to strengthen EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE in your body–simultaneously!  And it does this in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling tired and worn-out.  Let Bellicon’s patented bungee-cord technology do the work for you, while enlivening and building your core musculature, back,  joints, arms, and legs.  What could be better?  With the Bellicon, you can activate the lymphatic and circulatory system, remove toxins, and have fun–all at the same time!  Don’t settle for less:  Get Bellicon’s unique combination of fun and real health results and own the “Porsche of Rebounders”.

Available Rebounder Sizes

The Bellicon Mini-Trampoline “Colour Edition” comes pre-assembled in three different sizes:

39″/44” /49” (diameter)

The Toronto Rebounder Store sells a variety of mini-trampoline sizes.  The three different sizes are designed to accommodate your unique spatial needs.  The 39″ Bellicon Colour Edition, for example, is ideal for traveling or exercise classes; it can fit almost anywhere!  However, the general idea for determining what size Bellicon is right for you is as follows:  The bigger the diameter of the Bellicon, the more mat space is available for increased workout possibilities.  A larger Bellicon not only increases one’s bouncing comfort, but it also maximizes one’s safety and stability factor.  But no matter what diameter Bellicon you end up selecting, the benefits of its extraordinary suspension will be enjoyed for years to come.  This is, after all, what distinguishes the Bellicon from our competitors–and is something you will not want to miss!


What bungee strength should I get?


If you are unsure about what size of rebounder to get or what bungee strength is best for you, click our inline chat button (located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) and a Toronto Rebounder Store customer service representative will be happy to immediately answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, you can give us a call, TOLL-FREE, at 1-855- 229-JUMP, or write an e-mail to  We will do our best to respond immediately if you choose to call or write!

Leg Options for the Bellicon Mini-Trampoline


We recommend that you keep your Bellicon rebounder in your line of sight and ready to use at a moment’s notice, so that you will be more inclined to exercise with it on a regular basis.   That being said, if you want to stow your Bellicon, you have two options:

    • Standard, screw-in legs: It takes about 2 minutes to take off the legs so that it will lay flat, e.g., under your bed or in your closet.
    • Fold-up legs: just fold them inward, engage the safety mechanism, and stow it where you like. One advantage of fold-up legs: they remain attached to the frame.

Both leg options have the same quality of frame support, and rest evenly on the floor. Soft rubber caps at the bottom of the Bellicon legs ensure that they will remain firmly in place. The caps also contribute to the bellicon’s gentle bounce.

Compare Leg Options for yourself:

Bellicon Colour Options:


Bungee Colors:

Bungees are available in FIVE powerful colors:


Weight Classes – Up to 440 lbs

Bellicon rebounders are available in four body weight classes:


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39", 44", 49"