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Lymphatic SystemLymphatic Drainage on the Bellicon:

The luxurious “Bellicon Bounce” (the “Porsche of Rebounders”) functions to stimulate and strengthen every single muscle in your body.  That’s right:  ALL your muscles!  Bouncing on the Bellicon gently coaxes your body to react positively to gravitational forces.   Essentially, the body is pushed and pulled between extremes of weightlessness and gravitational pressure.  Each time the Bellicon mat slows you down, and catches your falling body, your musculature naturally (and automatically) tenses.  Conversely, each time you reach the apex of a jump cycle, you are essentially weightless.  At this point, the body’s musculature completely relaxes.  With every bounce this cycle is repeated–an average of 90 times per minute. 

Get Your Immune System Going!

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This occurs by relaxing and tensing the body’s musculature:  


To begin, jumping up and down on a Bellicon mini-trampoline helps detoxify your body at a cellular level. While pushing down into the rebounder surface, waste and toxic materials, which are a normal component of any metabolic process, are effectively “pushed” out of the cellular framework.  Conversely, as the body achieves weightlessness (at the apex of the jump cycle), the cellular structure virtually “absorbs” a wide range of nutrient matter; this, in turn, increases the supply.

Lymphatic Acceleration

The gentle up and down motion of the Bellicon bounce functions to increasingly “pump” lymph fluid — and also blood — via a stimulated musculature.  The bouncing cycle (“valves”) ensure that lymphatic fluid is consistently pushed in a similar direction.  Bouncing on the Bellicon works to accelerate drainage of the lymphatic system.  As such, it works to accelerate detoxification of the entire body, by encouraging improved waste removal.  It should be noted here that such “lymphatic acceleration’ is normally very helpful in terms of alleviating allergic responses.

To Summarize:  

The highly-elastic “Bellicon Bounce” benefits the lymphatic system by 1.)  accelerating the flow of lymphatic fluid, and 2.) alleviating stagnant lymph fluid, helping improve lymphatic congestion.  Thus, we can say that the Bellicon mini-trampoline not only a great tool for toning muscles and training, but that it is also useful because it largely eliminates the need for manual lymphatic drainage by a registered massage therapist.  Additionally, jumping on the Bellicon can function to drain deep-seated lymphatic fluid that is unreachable via manual lymph drainage methods.  In other words, the Bellicon helps alleviate symptoms of advanced lymphatic congestion–a condition impossible to treat via traditional massage.

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OsteoporosisAn anti-gravitational workout is essential for strong bones.

This is the best way to impress bone-hardening materials into the bone. The continual up and down makes your body work with every bounce against gravity. It is not exhausting, but highly effective. Your muscles slow you down gently and the bones experience just the right amount of stimulation not to de-calcify. A clinical study in Germany proofed that 12-weeks of training with the bellicon can largely stop the progression of osteoporosis.

Stop or Prevent Osteoporosis

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Bellicon_Gerda_252What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition leading to decreased skeletal density, putting an individual at risk for potential fractures and breaks.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that the human biological organism reacts favourably to activity in a “weightless” environment.  Such activity aids osteoporosis patients regain their freedom of movement, as well as reduce the possibility of bone fracturing.  Only through gravitational changes can the body’s skeletal structure be sufficiently stimulated (metabolically) to effectively get more calcium into the bones themselves.  Astronauts experience the reverse of this in space.

Astronauts, Gravity, and Bone Density

Modern space ventures –i.e., at the edge of earth’s gravitational pull –have proven that the human body doesn’t react favourably to anti-gravitational conditions.  In fact, scientists now know that such ventures can do irreparable harm to the human body.  Why?  It’s simple:  The human body has no need for hard bones in a “zero-gravity” environment!  Consequently, in space, the bones of astronauts effectively “de-calcify”.  A longitudinal study conducted by the “International Space Station” demonstrated that astronauts’ bones did not fully “re-calcify” even after a complete year of being back home on earth.

The Secret:  Anti-Gravitational Training

Bellicon rebounders are an excellent example, demonstrating the interplay between gravitational force and static force.  While the mini-trampoline’s highly-elastic mat works to “slow down” your descent, “negative acceleration” is produced–working against the natural downward acceleration caused by the earth’s rotation.   This “slowing down” against normal gravitational forces places a significantly bigger amount of “pull” on the body–much bigger than most other workout routines.  This “pull” causes increased potential for skeletal calcium absorption.  Consequently, bones become “stabilized”, and the threat of osteoporosis is reduced.

The Role of Supportive Musculature and Protection Against Falling

While bouncing on the Bellicon is great for building bone density, it is also a highly efficient means of training the body’s musculature.  As the body “decelerates” (by pushing down into the surface of the mat) the musculature effectively “tightens”.  Conversely, it “relaxes” during the top of the bounce cycle.  This pattern of “expansion” and “contraction” functions to strengthen the body’s musculature–helping to support bone structure and improve mobility.

Co-ordination Improvement (Fighting Black Ice!):

In addition, the consistent need to balance oneself on the rebounder functions to vastly improve the body’s co-ordination ability.  And what’s the best way to fight back against “black ice”?  There can hardly be imagined a more fundamental “fall-prevention” strategy than a strong and fast-acting musculature.

The Bellicon Mini-Trampoline Trifecta!

The gentle and efficient “Bellicon Bounce” works in at least three primary ways to ward off the fracturing of bones:  First, the Bellicon’s highly-elastic bungee cord system creates a longer “braking” distance; this, consequently, enhances the health benefit associated with gravitational force.  For example, the “braking” time on a Bellicon rebounder is almost twice as long as that experienced on a more traditional, metal-spring trampoline.  Simultaneously, joint and back stress is minimized due to the Bellicon’s patented bungee technology.  On the Bellicon, you will experience a more efficient workout, and it’s great fun!

Prevention is Key

Today, scientists know that an individual’s tendency to develop osteoporosis can be determined before the age of 30.  During the first thirty years of life, bone density is created.  Studies have demonstrated that nutrition, as well as exercise habits, during these years, create a denser and stronger skeletal structure.  Effectively, the more nutrition you receive (and the more exercise you do) the stronger will be your bones.  The more density that’s attained during the early years of life, the longer your skeletal structure will hold up as you age.

Very young people have a natural inclination to run around, skip, and romp, and they have a great deal of fun using the Bellicon mini-trampoline.  Because training on the Bellicon is such an excellent means of creating/building bone density, it is an ideal addition to any elementary school classroom (especially Kindergarten) so that the threat of osteoporosis later on in life stays at bay.

To summarize:

The Bellicon mini-trampoline offers you an optimized anti-gravitational training opportunity.  Our highly-elastic, patented, bungee technology stimulates unique and effective metabolic activity, helping the absorption of calcium, and encouraging the development of a strong and flexible skeletal structure.  For younger people, the Bellicon rebounder is an ideal means of preventing osteoporosis; however, it can also be used by osteoporosis patients.  Young or old, experience the Bellicon’s health benefits and have a great deal of fun at the same time!

OsteoarthritisPainful osteoarthritis is a major health threat for millions of Canadians. The Bellicon method helps to prevent or limit it.

To prevent osteoarthritis, intensive care of the joints is of critical importance. Damage to joints is often caused by incorrect weight bearing or a lack of natural movement. This a-dynamic, fluid movement of the joint is always the best for rehabilitation and regeneration. The bungee based mini-trampoline method also comes into play here, as it is a proven way to gently build up the joint. This is due to its long and gentle deceleration phase when landing on the mat of the mini-trampoline.

Prevent and Treat Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis is a painful condition suffered by thousands of North Americans.  To put this epidemic in perspective, the U.S. “Center for Disease Control” has recently reported that approximately forty-six million adult Americans have been told they have an arthritic condition–whether it be arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, or gout. Incredibly, at least half of all senior citizens in the U.S. have been medically diagnosed as having arthritis.

Prevention of osteoarthritis normally involves tending specifically to joint issues. Over time, joints can become damaged–often due to improper lifting techniques, lifting objects that are too heavy, or lack of natural motion.  Osteoarthritis begins with a reduction in joint cartilage.  Cartilage is the substance functioning to prevent joint bones from rubbing against each other.  Think of it as a layer of protection (technically, “cartilage matrix”) between the top of the bone structure and the “glenoid cavity”.  A typical layer of cartilage is less than 5mm thick; it is maintained and “nourished” by the body’s “synovial liquid”.  Synovial fluid, it should be noted, can only be “forced” into the cartilage matrix–effectively it is “massaged” into the structure via joint movement.  Without this fluid being “pushed” into the joint structure, degradation occurs, and the body’s natural “cushioning” mechanism fades.


The gentle “a-dynamic” motion provided by jumping on the Bellicon is the best means of repairing damaged osteoarthritic areas.  The Bellicon’s highly-elastic, patented, bungee system has been proven to effectively strengthen and rebuild joint cartilage.  The Bellicon ‘s extended and soft “de-celeration” when pushing down into the surface of the rebounder is a superb rehabiliation exercise.

German doctor of physiotherapy, Paul Klammer, has confirmed the Bellicon’s rehabilitation powers in numerous trials. He found a remarkable co-relation between a mini-trampoline’s flexibility and its ability to “push” fluid into the cartilage matrix.  Essentially, the slower the “deceleration” afforded by a rebounder, the more fluid would be massaged into the joint cartilage–and, in turn, the more rehabilitation would occur.  Germany’s “Institute for Rehabilitation and Exercise Therapy” has observed repeatedly that patients suffering from arthritis, after bouncing for 30 minutes on a Bellicon, experienced a marked reduction in pain.  A few patients even reported that they could walk for several hours afterwards without experiencing any noticeable suffering.

To Summarize:

The patented “Bellicon Bounce” stops (or limits) the advancement of osteoarthritis in its tracks–even once its symptoms have been first observed.

*Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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InsulinTraining on the Bellicon with Diabetes

The gentle bounce on the trampoline triggers a special kind of metabolism. As with all other body cells that react to bouncing on the trampoline with pressure and pull (tension and relaxation), the cells of the reduced functional pancreas get into motion. The pancreas can be stimulated and this increases the number of insulin-sensitive receptors, thus improving the insulin-balance.

Tackle Diabetes!

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Even if you don’t feel up to the challenge…

Yet another reason to Bellicon:  Diabetes usually makes one feel lethargic and tired.  However, even the most steadfast “couch-potato” can have a great time bouncing up and down on the Bellicon mini-trampoline.  The secret is simple:  Subjectively, when you exercise on the Bellicon, it seems as if you are doing little work–since the highly-elastic mat surface is doing a great deal of the work for you.  This makes exercising on the Bellicon both effective AND fun!  Furthermore, bouncing on the Bellicon gives you a real sensation of weightlessness.  In a sense, it alleviates the “burden” of excess weight on the body, making you feel lighter.  Regardless of weight, the Bellicon makes you feel as if you are walking on a cloud. Essentially, your own body weight is doing most of the exercise for you!   The Toronto Rebounder Store recommends that all individuals with diabetes (especially Type-2) exercise regularly with the Bellicon mini-trampoline.

de-StressRelaxing Bouncing

Tension and relaxation are part of our life. From the very beginning. Daily. After every heartbeat follows a rhythmic atony.
The rhythmic up and down on the trampoline provides immediate relaxation, physical as well as emotional. It reminds you of the swinging motion in your mother’s womb and triggers a relaxing reflex, which you cannot escape. Just like a child calms quickly in the rocking arms of his mother, so you will unwind bouncing on the bellicon.

De-Stress with Bellicon!

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Bellicon_Britta_252The Bellicon’s gentle and highly-elastic bounce, combined with your favourite musical selection, is an excellent means of reducing physical and emotional stress, and achieving that “clear-headed” feeling.  The natural “tension and relaxation” cycle of the musculature caused by the Bellicon Bounce encourages increased blood flow.  Increased blood flow oxygenates the body–producing a natural “high”, that is not mitigated by the stress hormones normally produced by other forms of sports/exercise.  These stress hormones function essentially as oxygen “thieves”.

As the Bellicon encourages your body to “balance” itself, negative emotions and ideas lose significance, and melt away.  This “re-focusing” functions not only to alleviate stress, but also works to help cope with stress–making your core more resilient to anxious conditions and lifestyle demands.

The positive effects of jumping up and down on a Bellicon rebounder can be felt right away, and are very refreshing.

The Bellicon’s relaxing bounce is essential for a practical, fun, and effective workout.  And because it is so relaxing and fun, it can become very addictive!  Imagine that:  An exciting, addictive exercise that you REALLY WANT to revisit every day!

The Bellicon advantage can largely be found in its ease of use and simple design.  For one, bouncing on the Bellicon takes little effort–because your weight is doing most of the work for you.   Two, you can bounce on the Bellicon whenever you want–night or day.  You don’t need a sports outfit or special gear!  Three, the Bellicon rebounder is so highly effective as a training tool, that just minutes a day for most people are sufficient.  Plus, you don’t have to master or concentrate on any specific sporting or exercise “technique”.  Bouncing on the Bellicon is natural, easy-to-learn, and fun!

To summarize:

The Bellicon is easy to use, and highly enjoyable.  The capacity to “resist” exercising on the Bellicon mini-trampoline is almost non-existent.   You will come back to it again and again–feeling free to use it to your heart’s content!   This feeling, overall, explains the Bellicon’s immense popularity.