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German manufactured/engineered: bellicon made in Germany

There are a huge variety of incredible companies originating in Germany.  With its revolutionary bungee cord technology, Bellicon joins the ranks of such high quality, luxury products as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Adidas, BMW, Bosch, and Steinway.  In fact, Bellicon customers around the world have deservedly nicknamed our patented rebounder the “Porsche of Trampolines”.  Years of unmatched German ingenuity and research development have allowed Bellicon to create an unparalleled exercise  health product–a new, global paradigm for rebounding technology.  Since the Bellicon rebounder bungee cord system is patented, there is no other exercise device in the world that works in quite the same way to enhance physical and emotional well-being.  German workmanship and engineering enables Bellicon to excel in product design and manufacturing.   “Made in Germany” means Bellicon has complete control over the quality of materials used and product assembly.  Bellicon is truly a luxury product, made from the highest quality materials and workmanship, designed to be enjoyed and promote health for a lifetime!

bellicon has the best bouncing curveThe Difference?  Bellicon’s Bounce

What makes the Bellicon vastly different from other rebounders on the market?  The answer is simple:  Our patented soft, bungee cord system!  The Bellicon works in a revolutionary way:  The “bounce cycle” is the softest and most fluid exercise experience one can find–anywhere.   The special Bellicon bounce includes the entire jump sequence:  From the apex of the jump (i.e., the brief moment of weightlessness) to the point where the mat sinks, catches, and stops the body from hitting the floor.   The most beneficial (and satisfying!) bounce cycle is one that has temporal balance.  In other words, it is one where the time and distance needed to reach the apex of the jump is equivalent to the time and distance required to reach the bottom of the jump.  In mathematical terms, this is called the “sinus rhythm.”   Bellicon’s consistent sinus rhythm is unlike any other rebounder on the market, simply because other rebounders (one’s using metal springs) cannot duplicate this soothing motion.  Instead, these inferior products create erratic, unbalanced bounce cycles, which are not as pleasant to experience, and can actually cause physical damage to joints and vertebrae.  Only the Bellicon’s consistent bouncing motion has unique health benefits.  Of course, the reason why Bellicon achieves “sinus rhythm” is due to its patented bungee cord system.  Our easily swappable bungee cords come in a variety of different weight classes (tensions) allowing you to customize the quality of your bounce experience, and meet your unique exercise needs.

Bellicon Workmanship & Materials

Bellicon’s “Made in Germany” status guarantees that only the best raw materials are used for construction.  Bellicon Germany has complete oversight of the entire development and manufacturing process, from beginning to end.  Because no foreign, sub-contractors are used, extra attention can be paid specifically to the product’s longevity and enviro. impact.   Bellicon’s high-quality polypropolene mat, for example, has been created to withstand all kinds of climate and weather variables; it even holds up against solar U.V. radiation.  Each Bellicon unit is lovingly crafted to last for years and years, even with regular use.  Even the bungee cords are over-designed, made from a type of non-toxic “fiberglass-enhanced” polymide that functions to stop the highly elastic bungee outer layer from coming apart.

The heart of Bellicon bungee cords are made of natural rubber ribbons housed in non-toxic polyester and polypropolene casings.  Each cord can expand up to three times its original size.  Without this (patented) bungee cord technology, the Bellicon’s satisfying and physically beneficial “sinus rhythm” would not be possible.  If the Bellicon bungees were less elastic, they would not be able to gently absorb each bounce–simply because they would be expanded as far as possible.  This would obviously destroy the pleasurable “Bellicon Bounce”, due in large part to sudden acceleration/deceleration.  Less elastic bungees would also wear our faster, since regular exercise would consistently expand them beyond their limit.  The Toronto Rebounder Store has so much confidence in Bellicon’s German workmanship and quality that we guarantee each bungee cord for one year; we guarantee each and every mat for three years; and, we stand behind our Bellicon frames for five full years.

Bellicon:  German-Made Design and Quality

With a Bellicon luxury German-made mini-trampoline, you will enjoy the health benefits of revolutionary “sinus rhythm”  rebounding for years to come.   The gentle, well-designed “Bellicon Bounce” makes rebounding not only fun, but also functional, safe, and easy on the joints/back.   Experience has demonstrated to us that maintaining complete control over the manufacturing and design process affords us the opportunity to create superior quality products.

The Toronto Rebounder Store is so confident in Bellicon’s design quality that we actually have a range of competing models to try at our showroom!  Take our Bellicon challenge, and compare Bellicon’s craftsmanship to other brands.  We are sure you will agree:  Nothing beats the Bellicon Bounce!  After trying our “other” showroom products, it will be obvious that Bellicon is an over-engineered, superior product–designed to surpass traditional mini-trampoline performance and quality levels–offering a supreme bounce far into the future.   Every Bellicon engineers and designs functions to make your rebounding experience more satisfying and safer.  Every bungee cord and mat is manufactured with these goals in mind; plus, they are whisper-quiet while being used.  Perfect for small spaces, apartments, or those sensitive to abrasive sounds.

Despite Bellicon’s superior, German-engineered product (the “Porsche of Rebounders”) development is ongoing, and our development and engineering teams are constantly striving to improve and further push our design to new limits.  Of course, customer suggestions are a vital component of this process.

Bellicon Values Its Customers

The Toronto Rebounder Store is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied, and purchase a rebounder that works for them–to suit their unique exercise needs.   Feel free to send us an e-mail, call us, or start a chat (in the lower right-hand corner) with one of our friendly Bellicon experts.  We can help you figure out via our contact page what Bellicon rebounder options might work for you best!