Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions:

Do you sell a Bellicon “mat cover”?

No, we do not sell a cover for the Bellicon mat itself–nor do we do recommend one.  The reason is simple:  Covering up the frame hides the bungee cords.  It is our feeling that this would render the Bellicon unsafe, especially if a person were to mistakenly bounce on the bungees, rather than on the trampoline surface–or, a person could trip, since it would not be level with the mat.  If children will be using your Bellicon mini-trampoline, a brightly-coloured set of bungee cords is suggested to help maintain their awareness of the mat–thereby making for the safest possibly jumping experience.

Can I jump barefoot on the Bellicon?

Of course you can!  You can definitely use your Bellicon mini-trampoline with bare feet,  or rubber-grip socks.  Please note:  Use extra caution if using regular socks, as you may slide off/slip.  If you want, you can also use shoes; however, it is a far better workout for the muscles in your feet if you go barefoot.

How high does my ceiling have to be to use the Bellicon indoors?

The minimum ceiling height should be greater than the sum of the following three factors:

1.  13.8 inches for the height of the mini-trampoline (i.e., height of the legs)
2.  your height (e.g., 5 ft.,6 inches)
3.  an additional foot (12 inches) of jumping headroom

Most individuals will not need a whole foot of jumping space, since most jump “into” the trampoline mat, not above.

If, however,  you decide to jump high (and have low ceilings!) please remain alert and cautious.

You may need MORE than a foot of headroom!

Do I need to purchase Bellicon stabilizer bars?

While you can purchase either one, or two, support bars, we sell them in sets of two via our online store.  It is our experience that this is the most desirable setup.  If you have balancing issues, purchasing at least one support bar will help you out quite a bit.  The second bar is useful for elderly individuals, or those going through rehabilitation.  If you think that you may have trouble balancing, but are not really sure if you will need a support bar system,  you can always position your new Bellicon mini-trampoline next to a wall.  It is our experience, that once the body familiarizes itself with Bellicon’s superior, fluid bouncing motion, you will not need the support!

Screw-in legs vs. Folding legs: What’s the difference?

Bellicon fold-up legs are much more convenient, because they make the unit much easier and quicker to store.  Even though no tools are necessary, screwing and unscrewing each leg by hand takes time, especially if you frequently use your mini-trampoline in a small space, such as a condominium, and intend to put it away after each use.  If your Bellicon unit never has to be put away and/or stored on a regular basis, then we recommend you opt for the screw-in legs.  Both type of legs are equally strong and stable.  If you have the available space,  we suggest that you put your Bellicon mini-trampoline in a spot where it is readily available to use, visible, and easily accessible–as this will encourage you to workout more frequently!

If I have medical issues, should I consult my doctor before bouncing?

Yes!  If you have any medical issues, always consult a medical professional before bouncing on the Bellicon–or, doing any exercise for that matter.  If you have back pain issues or spinal column concerns, we recommend using the bungees that correspond to your weight class in order to give you the softest, most gentle bounce.  Also, if you have bad knees or bad joints, a softer bounce will feel much better on your body.  If you suffer from osteoporosis, then a firmer bounce may be better.  Using the Bellicon mini-trampoline can help increase bone density and reverse osteopenia.  A firmer bounce is also better if you have over-pronating feet.  For a firmer bounce, use bungees that are at least one weight class above your own.  If you are confused about what class of bungee cords to get, don’t hesitate to click on the “chat button” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen in order to speak directly with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives right now!

Will my new Bellicon come with a warranty package?


There is a 10-year warranty on the Bellicon Premium frame, and a 5-year warranty on the standard Bellicon frame.

We have a 3-year warranty on all mats.     Additionally, all bungee cords have a 1-year warranty.

Please note that this does NOT mean that you will have to replace the frame and mat in 5 years!  If you take good care of your Bellicon mini-trampoline, it will most likely last you a lifetime.

Replacement of the bungee cords themselves will depend upon how often, and how intense, you use your Bellicon.

For most people, the bungees that come with their mini-trampoline will last for many, many years.

How do the Bellicon Colour Edition and Bellicon PREMIUM differ?

Essentially, both models are nearly identical in terms of function.  However, while the frame of the “Bellicon Colour Edition” is painted steel, the “Bellicon Premium” model is real, stainless steel.  Along with its sleek, modern look, the Premium edition is of a higher quality, and is also more durable.  Additionally, the Premium model is rust-resistant–so you can leave it outside and not worry if it gets rained on.  However, as is the case with all iron-containing metal, it will eventually oxidize–as such, any mini-trampoline should not be left outside for long periods of time.  The Premium model’s threaded screw-in legs are also more durable than those on the Bellicon Colour Edition.

Can I pay for my Bellicon using an installment plan?

Of course!  If you choose to pay with the popular “Bill Me Later” option by Paypal, you get 6 months to pay for your Bellicon…WITH NO INTEREST!  This plan is available upon checkout; however, as of now, it is only offered to those with a U.S. Paypal account .


Will the Bellicon smell/off-gas like the last rebounder I had?

Absolutely not. The Bellicon mini-trampoline is made with highest quality materials available. The majority of our competitors’ products are manufactured under less-than-ideal circumstances, often in unregulated factories, using the cheapest quality materials available–in fact, some equipment is so toxic, it comes with carcinogenic warnings! Breathing clean air is incredible important, especially when exercising. Don’t bring toxic, off-gassing substances into your home: Order the world’s best rebounder today: Buy a Bellicon!

Why are Bellicons more expensive than other rebounders?

Similar to many things in life, you get what you pay for.  It is our opinion that the Bellicon mini-trampoline is the best of its kind in the world–best in terms of workmanship, quality, materials used, ethics, design, and, of course, health benefit.  We are sure that you will agree.  No competitors can even come close to matching the quality of a Bellicon mini-trampoline.

Please look here for more detailed information about the Bellicon quality difference.

To summarize, Bellicon’s are designed in Germany, and assembled in the United States.  Our attention to ergonomic detail, as well as the choice of construction materials used, offer you the smoothest, most fluid trampoline experience in the world!

Our PATENTED bungee cord system gives you the ability to fully customize your mini-trampoline experience, in order to achieve the safest, most effective, and ENJOYABLE bouncing experience possible!

What bungee strength is right for me?

Use the following chart to quickly find out your ideal bungee strength.  If you are still unclear about what bungees to get with your Bellicon, just click the “chat” button–located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen–and speak directly with one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives right now:





What size Bellicon should I get: 39″, 44″, or 49″?

The larger the surface area (the “mat”) of the mini-trampoline, the easier it is to balance.  Larger Bellicon models (such as the 49″) are ideal for elderly people, or those who have mobility/balance concerns–but, they are also great for people with lots of space, and those who want the most luxurious bouncing experience possible!  Smaller models (such as the 39″) are easier to store, and are easier to carry on-the-go.  Whatever your choice, all size models give you the same great Bellicon health and wellness benefits!  Our most popular model is the 44″.

Use the following chart to simplify the selection process:


If you are still not quite sure which size (and/or bungee cord strength to get) don’t hesitate to click on the “chat” button located in the lower right-hand of your screen.  Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives field your questions and concerns right now!

Different body weights exist in our household–which bungees should we order?

When trying to figure out the ideal bungee cord strength to get for a household of varying weights–say, a child and an adult–you should always choose the bungee strength that accommodates the heaviest person.  Otherwise, the heavier person may very well touch the floor while bouncing!  For the lighter person in the household, the Bellicon will still be highly elastic, but will simply offer a faster bouncing motion.  Getting the correct bungee strength ensures that everyone can have fun on the new Bellicon!

Can I leave my Bellicon Mini-Trampoline outside?

When possible, Bellicon mini-trampolines should not be left outside for long periods of time–only during training sessions.  The frame of the Bellicon Colour Edition trampoline is made of steel, lacquered and browned–as such, it is splash-proof, but not entirely weatherproof.  That being said, our Bellicon PREMIUM stainless steel model has a more durable, stronger frame that is rust-resistant.

Do the bungee cords ever wear out?

Yes, over an extended period of time, bungee cords wear out due to stretching and friction–and, at some point, it may become necessary to replace them.  Knowing the exact life expectancy of the bungees is difficult to figure out because it depends upon a number of variables, including frequency of use, bounce intensity, and session duration.  It is our experience that most people have them for at least two years.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when considering bungee longevity:

1.  User’s weight 

The heavier you are, the more weight the rope rings will have to endure.  To minimize bungee degradation, and to enable everyone–both light and heavy individuals–to experience Bellicon’s gentle bouncing motion, we have created different bungee strengths generally classified by weight:

Blue Clip / Medium: 81-150 lbs body weight

Yellow Clip / Strong: 151-200 lbs body weight

Red Clip / X-Strong: 201-300 lbs body weight

Green Clip / Ultra Strong: 301-440 lbs body weight

2.  Intensity of the jump

The higher one jumps and “pushes off” the mat, the more friction and stretching the bungee cords endure.  It is not necessary to bounce high in order to experience an effective Bellicon workout. The urge to “bounce and lift-off”, when using the Bellicon, is understandable because it’s great fun!  However, one should be conscious of the fact that comparable results can be achieved just as easily from a gentle bouncing motion–in other words, keeping your feet in contact with the trampoline surface (the “mat”) at all times.

Staff Tip If you occasionally rotate the bungee cords, they won’t keep rubbing against the frame in the same position.  Rotating the bungees is super easy, takes hardly any time–AND doing so can greatly help their longevity.

If you have any questions about rotating bungee cords or bungee longevity, just click the “chat” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to speak instantly with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives!