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Sculpt Serious Body With Bellicon !

It is common knowledge that a frequently used musculature has better tone than a sedentary one.   This is where the Bellicon really shines:  When bouncing on our highly-elastic mini-trampoline every muscle in your body is activated–gently, consistently, and evenly.  Consequently, the “Bellicon Bounce” sculpts the body in an incredibly balanced way.  In other words, when you bounce on the Bellicon, the larger muscles in your body get exercise, but so do the infrequently used ones.  While this is the case, if desired, you can use the Bellicon to focus on building specific muscle areas.


on one leg

Exercise Idea:  “The One Leg Bounce”

Try standing on the Bellicon rebounder with one leg, while the other leg moves up and to the side.  Very gently bounce up and down, while holding this pose for a few seconds, then slowly release.  Notice how this is very similar to yogic exercise.  The Bellicon motion enhances the pose.

The standing foot does not need to leave the mat.

Change to the opposite leg, and repeat.

This exercise strengthens one’s upper thigh and feet muscles.




bellicon rebounder tone muscles while sitting





Exercise Idea: “The Sitting Swing”

Try sitting down on your Bellicon, take a deep breathe, and gently lift your legs.  Now, slightly bend your knees.  Part of the challenge lies in trying to keep yourself balance.

Notice how this particular exercise targets your abdominal muscles.   Try bouncing while sitting:  Just move your extended arms up and down using a slight waving motion.


Exercise Idea:  “Weight Bouncing”

Try holding small weights at a slight distance from your core as you bounce.  For a more vigorous workout, syncronize your arm movement to your bouncing motion.   Try stretching out your arms, and pulling them back.

However you decide to use weights while bouncing, doing so will function to enhance workout of the targeted muscle group.   This is especially helpful in shaping the muscles of the upper arms and shoulders.




bellicon rebounder - ski position for muscle toning








Exercise Idea:  “The Bellicon Ski”

First, visualize yourself on a pair of skis, softly traveling down a hill.  Now, bend the knees and crouch slightly.  Try holding this stance, as you softly bounce up and down.  Again, your feet don’t ever have to leave the mat.  This is a simple, yet challenging exercise.  A great deal of pent-up kinetic energy is released.  Notice how your muscles will get warm very quickly!

Here’s an another idea:  Crouch slightly and alternate your body weight between your feet.  Push down on one foot, then try pushing down with the other.  Get faster with every alternation.  Try to sustain this back and forth motion for up to 30 seconds.  For fun, try finishing up with a virtual “mogul” jump…landing with both feet firmly on the mat.

The Bottom Line:  Bellicon Gets Results!

The Bellicon mini-trampoline is a superb way of getting both a general workout of the musculature, or (by using the ideas above, for example) targeting individual muscle areas.   Of course, not all exercises are suitable for all people.  Consequently, it is recommended that you consult an expert for guidance.

Feel free to contact us for more exercise ideas.  Toronto Rebounder Store staff have many great ideas, and are here to help!  Start with our knowledgeable, live chat operator right now by using the “tab interface” located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

bellicon rebounder muscle toning