The Bellicon Story


Bellicon U.S.A., came into existence in February, 2010 as an adjunct of “Bellicon AG” (located in Switzerland) with head offices in Bellikon–in Aargau.

Bellicon AG itself emerge as a new company in 2003, from the merging of two other corporate entities.  Both of these original companies are well known in their own respect for the production of high quality health products–for a number of decades:

Rebound Dynamics Europe

The first of these companies is a corporation based in Switzerland called “Rebound Dynamics Europe”.  This business was officially launched in 1985.  In 1992, with the leadership of Charles Luginbühl, “rebounders” (i.e., small trampolines with springs) were placed into the research and development process.  The company’s goal was to pay particular attention to elastic and dynamic bouncing qualities.  Through co-operation with Ingrid Luginbühl, J. and Birgit Buschmann, something called “Dynamic Rebounding Methodology” was invented, so that everyone involved could share a similar vision of health training from a holistic perspective.


The second of these companies, a German corporation by the name of “Vital-Trainings-Management” (V.T.M.), was launched in 1985 by Gert von Kunhardt in Cologne. Using the catch-phrase, “Refresh, not Exhaust”, tens of thousands of people came to know the “Kunhardt-Method”–and, with the “courage to go slowly”, they discovered a gentle and revolutionary health training ideology–taught at a variety of workshops.  Using the practical experience gained through these workshops, Philipp von Kunhardt and Heiko Schmauck developed the highly stretchable  “Medi-Swing” in 1995.

Patent for the bungee band rebounders

Bellicon AG

These two merging companies launched a new corporation called “Bellicon AG“.  This new, vibrant company came to be, mostly due to a marked similarity between their product lines.  Both companies, Rebound Dynamics and Vital Trainings, shared an idea about the future of exercise:  They both wanted to develop and build the highest quality home-use trampoline in the entire world!   Two other companies joined rank:  Expertise and Esprit Ltd., the innovative technologies of which were put together and launched as  “Bellicon AG”.  This was done to encourage further equipment development, and expose “Bellicon” products to the global/international market.  The very first item sold into this large market, through the consolidation, was branded as the “Bellicon-Swing”.  This revolutionary product brought together the genius of all companies involved–product development and engineering strengths.  Since this time, it has been the objective of “Bellicon AG” to continually improve upon its trampoline product, and continue to create revolutionary future products.

Bellicon USA

2010:  Enter “Bellicon USA LLC”.   With headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Bellicon USA currently distributes the world’s best mini-trampolines, under the leadership of a brilliant man called Philipp von Kunhardt, to the U.S. market.  Our “Rebounders”, as they came to be known, distinguished themselves through their unique, patented (see image above) bungee cord system.  This revolutionary patent makes working-out on the Bellicon mini-trampoline a far superior experience to all other types of mini-trampolines available on the international market today.  Most other “rebounders” employ significantly harder (and thusly, much less enjoyable and noisy) metal spring systems.